A frustrating day at the office

By Team Cirrus, - News and updates

Fraser’s first attempt at the world records took place today – and things didn’t go to plan.

The good news is that Fraser is safe and well, and the wingsuit, oxygen and other systems worked flawlessly.

The one variable we can never control though is the weather.  The extremely hot temperatures reducing the operating altitude of the jump aircraft to 33,000 feet – from an anticipated 37,000.  Furthermore there were very light jetstream winds, rather than the strong tailwinds we had hoped for.

These factors together made it impossible to break the world records – frustrating, after all the team’s hard work so far.

However – our focus now turns to London, Ontario – where Fraser will make the second record attempt jump in under a week’s time.  Stay with us for more updates as the team regroup and prepare for this second jump – and watch today’s update below.