Disappointment for Team Cirrus in Canada

By Team Cirrus, - News and updates

Our final update from the team in Canada isn’t what we hoped to be announcing.  In the end, it became clear that weather conditions would make it impossible to launch the balloon with wind and rain sweeping in from the Great Lakes.

With no relief from these conditions in sight, Fraser and the team have made the difficult decision to call off any attempt to jump and will be returning to the UK shortly.

After years of preparation, this is hugely disappointing for Fraser and the whole team.  However, there are some real positives.  Fraser’s work with our technology partners has broken new ground in wingsuit and life support systems, and has laid a strong foundation for future jumps.  The testing and jumps in California confirmed that all equipment was working perfectly, which is a great outcome.

It’s now been confirmed that Fraser has broken the FAI Continental (Europe) and FAI British Altitude Records with an exit altitude of 10,823 metres. He also broke the European Wingsuit Flight Distance record with a distance of 9,741 metres.  Not the world records aimed for – but still a great result.

Finally – and most importantly – Project Cirrus has helped to raise both money and awareness around the great work of SSAFA.

Watch more in our latest video update below: