Safe jumping from 40,000 feet

By Team Cirrus, - News and updates

Fraser and the team are working hard to ensure everything is ready for the jump.

Part of this preparation includes planning in precise detail how Fraser will exit the balloon at 40,000 feet.  At this high altitude any physical exertion is exhausting, so climbing over the side of the balloon basket is a non-starter. The team have devised an ingenious solution to this challenge, albeit not something most of us would want to consider!

The team at Skydance have also been double checking and preparing the equipment they’ll be using for the flight.  Technology plays an important part in modern balloon flight, helping to communicate with the ground team and navigate.  At a more basic level, it’s vital to keep the equipment warm in extreme cold – the team expect temperatures as low as -60 degrees at the altitude they will be going.

Watch more in our latest update below: