Speed World Record – the detail is in the data!

By Team Cirrus, - News and updates

The importance of technology to track and measure performance has been a constant theme throughout all of Fraser’s training and preparation.

Data took on a whole new importance, however, when on closer examination of the GPS logs we discovered that Fraser had indeed broken the World Record for wingsuit speed!

We are absolutely delighted to confirm that subject to ratification by Guinness, Fraser Corsan has broken the World Record for greatest peak speed flown in a wingsuit, recording a staggering 249 mph. (400 KMH)

This makes him the fastest man in the world without the use of machinery.  The record is subject to ratification and is being submitted by the official FAI observer to Guiness World Records for final approval.

So – following the disappointment of having to return from Canada without making a jump, this has been really exciting news for Fraser and the whole team.

Many congratulations Fraser!

Fraser’s GPS log data showing fastest peak speed.