The Team

Fraser’s world record attempt is a mighty team effort, with over 20 skilled individuals contributing to making it a success. The effort is phenomenal, from his personal trainer right the way through to the teams testing and installing his Oxygen systems that enable him to breathe during flight.

There will be five incredibly important people with Fraser during his world record attempts.


Ray Ferrel – Pilot

With over 30 years’ experience in the skydiving industry, Ray has more than 6,500 jumps under his belt and 8,000 pilot flying hours. An 8 world-record holder himself for 4, 8, 16, 20 way and large formation skydiving teams, he has the skills and know-how to help Fraser achieve his goal.


Sebastian Msuya  & Mark O’Neil – High Altitude Balloon Pilots

Sebastian and Mark hold the Canadian altitude record for a hot air balloon having already taken a balloon to 40,200ft last year. They are both highly expereienced and make an ideal fit for the team as it goes to the target altitude of 42,000ft.

Jarno Cordia – Cameraman

A professional wingsuit skydiver, aerial cameraman and base jumper himself, Jarno has 16 years of experience with over 4,000 wingsuit jumps.

Jarno is one of a tiny handful of wingsuit pilots who is not only extremely skilled in acrobatics and cameraflying, but is also fast enough to keep up with Fraser once Fraser is in flight; enabling the training phase of the records to be captured. Due to risks of flight at high altitude the jump itself will be documented by on board camera sending footage directly from Fraser in flight.

Jarno is a representative, examiner, editor and test-pilot for the wingsuit manufacturer Phoenix Fly.

Through his work he is closely involved in the design and testing of new wingsuit models.

Tad Smith – Jump Master

Tad completed his first High Altitude jump back in 1980 and has personally jumped from as high as 37,500 ft. This, along with his extensive experience providing life support training and equipment for previous world record attempts makes Tad perfectly suited to execute his duties as Jump Master and life support systems expert for Project Cirrus.